Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Day on the Vineyard

I spent the day at Martha's Vineyard yesterday. I had never been to the Vineyard before and most of what I knew of it was the following:
  • James Taylor and Carly Simon both live there (pretty close to each other).
  • It's expensive.
  • You need to get there by boat from the mainland (there is a small airport on the Island as well but $$$$$$).
All of the above are true. Here's some other Vineyard facts I learned:
  • All but two towns are "dry". Oak Bluffs and Edgartown are the only places you can order a real libation.
  • U2 visits Oak Bluffs regularly and plays in the local bars. Imagine seeing U2 in a small bar for the meager $1 cover charge to enter the bar.
  • Many other "famous" people have homes on the island.
  • Year round population is around 25,000; in the summer, 100,000.
  • Many of the homes on the island were built prior to the civil war.
  • White cedar shingles are the siding of preference.
  • The tour company on the island blows - save your $23.
  • The oldest working carousel lives in Oak Bluffs and it's just $1.50 per ride (get the bronze ring and win a free ride).
More importantly, Giordano's in Oak Bluffs now has the distinct honor of the best Pizza I've eaten in the state of Massachusetts (it's tough to please a native New Yorker in the Pizza department).
Overall, I enjoyed myself and would go back. Oh, don't even think about bringing a car over. Not only is it expensive to transport on the ferry, you'll spend most of your time looking for parking. Fortunately, I did not bring the car and am happier for it.

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brookem said...

sounds like a good trip! the bar cover was only a buck?! huh?