Sunday, July 08, 2007

Dutch Oven Update

Two posts within a few days all about a dutch oven, nice f-ing life I got going on, eh? Here's the Le Creuset product:
This one sells for $175.99 at AMAZON.COM, which I can assure you is discounted.
Here's the LODGE product, which I decided to order for $53.99:

Now I have been wrong before, maybe even more times than I've been right. However, LODGE is not a fly by night company in the cookware department and in fact, kitchen experts such as Alton Brown even have LODGE on their preferred list for cast-iron cookware products. I can't bring myself to spend more than 3x more on the Le Creuset (nor can I afford to). By the way, the LODGE actually has a 6 qt. capacity, 1/2 qt. more than the Le Creuset.
I need to wait until the 15th for the expected ship date and a couple days beyond that to receive the product (assuming it ships on time). I already know the first recipe that I'll be cooking in it - I'll post the recipe and the initial review of the product after the fact (cause I got that kind of time to post a third time about a piece of cookware).


Airam said...

It's all about the name ...

The Le Creuset products are really expensive!! My mom has one of their pots and that was because she returned a crockpot at Williams Sonoma since she would never use it.

The Le Creuset pots are beautiful but not something I would spend money on either.

ARM said...

Holy crap those are expensive.

I'm holding out for a Kitchenaid mixer. Ahhhh all my baking dreams will be answered with one of those.

Chris said...

Airam - Thanks for helpring to confirm my decision was a good one.

ARM - I have a Kitchenaid mixer - worth every penny.

radioactive girl said...

Oh, I love the pot! I can't wait to read about the first recipe! Sometimes the difference in price is just for the name. Who needs that?

I also have a kitchenaid mixer and use it all the time. At least once every day (I am sort of out of control with my baking...perhaps I need a support group).

Chris said...

Radioactive - I too am looking forward to getting and using the pot. I am looking forward to exploring your blog deeper soon.