Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Memories, circa 1978

I dug out my elementary school autograph book. I went to "catholic school" growing up so elementary was grades 1 through 8. In eighth grade, we got an autograph book so people could write cutesy and/or mean things to wish you well in high school and beyond. There were also some other pages that we get to fill out such as:

Favorite Song: Detroit, Rock City
High School: Bishop Ford (I did attend Bishop Ford because after 8 years of being beaten by nuns, who wouldn't want four more years of quality catholic school education?)
College: U.C.L.A (I didn't go there, but back in '78, me and my cousin Lisa planned on going out to LA together, her to be a marine biologist and me to be an...)
Profession: Actor & Singer (I guess that dream didn't pan out either. By the way, Lisa didn't get to U.C.L.A. either - she eventually became a NYC Police Officer)

Here are a few standout posts:

Dad: "Mement Auder Semper" (Dad showing off with his command of Latin. I still don't know what it means for certain but I think it something to the effect that I should always be courageous.)
My Brother John: "In your life there'll be lots of strife. Look towards your goal and aim straight. Don't take no one's bullshit..." (That's Johnny Boy)
Danny (not sure which): "Remember the alley, remember the grass, remember the time I kicked our ass." (There's a great memory to relive 29 years later)
Joey Bassolino: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you are a chimp, go climb a tree." (How pleasant to be referred to as my simian ancestors)
Dennis Cameron: "Good Luck in High School, College, Marriage, and Death." (Here's a case of Karma biting you in the ass. Dennis Cameron was hit by a car on Flatbush Avenue and killed the summer just months after writing this to me.
Mike Torre (The son of the current manager of the New York Yankees): "May your days be bright and your life be in clover. May everything turn out right and may your toilet never run over."
Joseph Tarrazi: "Thanks for the picture, it was very nice. I use it in my cellar to scare away the mice. Good Luck Always." (How sweet, kick me in the gut then wish me well)
Pat Sullivan: "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I shot my monkey because it looked like you." (Is there a theme evolving?)
Francine White: "When flowers are booming they're ready for plucking. When boys are 14, they're ready for...graduation."

Oh, such sweet memories. Good times.


Airam said...

Thos are pretty sweet and poetic last words from your schoolmates. It sure beats my "have a nice life" saying I got from a couple of them. Although a lot were really drawn out too .. I'm talking like one written page.

High school was a good time but I would never go back.

ARM said...

I like Francine. Go figure the Catholic school girl would write that one while the boys are talking about monkeys.

My friend and I were going through our year books a few weeks ago and reading the stuff people wrote. It was pretty funny!

Chris said...

Airam - there were a few nicer ones, but they'reenot nearly as fun to remember when all of that colorful cruelty is just waiting to be noticed again. Nothing like a little self-therapy session.

ARM - Francine's sister Kathleen was one of my very first crushes. I was so ridiculously naive in those days.

brookem said...

ha, this is a hoot chris. so neat that you saved these.

Chris said...

Brookem - I am glad you find humor in to root of my neurosis. (LOL)

brookem said...

ha, chris... im not laughing at you! i think it's great you saved this stuff and can look back at it.