Sunday, July 01, 2007

Grillin' with Mr. Me II - A Story in Photo's (and some words too)

Remember the grilled corn I talked about in the last post about grilling? Here's what it looks like.
Here are three lovely rock cornish games hens on the rotisserie - the main course for this evenings meal"
And, here I am, geeking it up at the grill:


brookem said...

great pics! food looks great, you look like you're having a blast! love that you said "geeking it up!"

Chris said...

Brooken - the food was even more delicious than it looks in pictures. Note the geeking it up elements in the photo...the stop watch around my neck, the extra aper towl sticking out of my pocket, the towel on my right shoulder...I can call a spade a spade, even when I am that spade.

brookem said...

haha, i had not noticed the stop watch. that's classic.

egan said...

Brookem, how could you miss the watch? That's something you should wear during your first triathlon. Chris, you look hot.

Chris said...

Egan - It was quite warm, thanks for taking notice. Believe it or not, I have actualy completed a triathlon, though not in the same vein as you. It was at a place called Club Getaway in Kent, CT. It's an odd place that I went to with a few buddies back in the day. Anyway, there were always contests and the prize was always the same, a bottle of Freixenet Champagne. Their triathlon consisted of rowing, running, and biking. I managed to come in last but I did complete it and they still gave me a bottle of champagne for my efforts.