Friday, July 06, 2007

In Search of a Dutch Oven

I am officially deep in search for a high quality 5-6 quart dutch oven. I am looking for enamel coated cast-iron, something that can withstand an oven temperature of around 400 degrees or more, and one that I don't need to take out a home equity loan to purchase.

In the meantime,I just finished watching the movie Stranger than Fiction, with Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Wow, what a great flick! I loved the concept, the execution, and the acting. Ferrell did a great job in a dramatic role and Gyllenhaal got me to fall for her. Dustin Hoffman and Emma Thompson were great in supporting roles, Oscar worthy in fact, and I can even forgive Queen Latifah's presence as it didn't totally suck.


Chris said...

An email from my wonderful friend Jane:

You MUST go with a Le Creuset. Take out the second mortgage. Also be on the look out at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls for them. Periodically they get a shipment. Also check out Williams Sonoma for sales. I just did the homwork for you; log on to and click cookware. There is a 2 3/4 qt dutch oven on sale for $80. Your beef stew will thank you, as will your family.

Love, Jane

I realy do have the best friends! OF course I did pre-order one last night, a 6 qt. from LODGE. I had eyed a Le Creuset a number of times as there is an outlet store in Wrentham that sells them for about $190 (ouch)...The Lodge is about $54, which I think is a good risk. Love ya Jane! Thanks for looking out for me and I'll see ya on 8/4.

ARM said...

I loved Stranger than Fiction. It was surprisingly good (we had been having bad luck with movies up to that point).

Chris said...

ARM - I've had a tough year with movies as well, though I've watched far fewer than usual due to my extreme addiction to reality TV.