Sunday, July 08, 2007

I've Got that Trapper John Kind of Feeling

I remember being allowed to stay up on Sunday nights to watch Trapper John, MD. Afterward, it was bedtime as the following Monday was a school day. While it is just before a quarter past seven as I type this, it is Sunday evening and while I don't have school tomorrow, I do have work and I work in a school, so I have that feeling. In fact, the feeling is even worse because I was on "vacation" this past week so I am going back to work after not being there for a week. Worse yet, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, I am heading into Boston for a conference so I only really have Monday to "catch up" on what I've missed and still then only part of the day because I need to make so preparations for the conference.

Brief Bathroom Remodel Update...If any of you really wanna see pics, lemme know and I'll take a few and post them. The shower is complete as is "the window wall". The new moldings are up on the window and the door frames. Still to go, two more walls and the floor then the vanity, sink, and medicine cabinet as well as the shower door. After this is completed I need to get a carpenter to put a new closet door in and I think I am going to change or refinish/paint the bathroom door itself. As I mentioned previously, this has all slowed to a crawl due to an injury to the contractor but the work thus far is quite nice.

Finally, here's a great picture of my boy Oliver yawning:


Airam said...

That's your cat yawning?!?!?

That must scare the beejebus out of you whenever she gets all sleepy.

ARM said...

Ha! That scared my cat, Geisha! And I thought she yawned big.

dude...I am already dreading tomorrow. I do not want to go to work, yo. It's my first full week in awhile.

Chris said...

Airam - Not scary at all, kinda cute actually. BTW, Oliver is a he :)

ARM - Apologies to Geisha. It's 2am, I was awakenedby a thunderstorm - alarm is set for 5:45 (Uh Oh).

brookem said...

oliver! he looks fun!
hope boston is going well for you.

Chris said...

Brookem - He both fun and funny. Day 1 at the conference went well.