Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Dear Friends Jenn & Steve

I've mentioned my friends Jenn & Steve here before. I've known them for some time and they've performed all over these Boston city limits. I just returned from seeing their last gig at The Barking Crab in Boston. My dear friends have made the decision to move out to L.A. and take their chance in the land of hopes and dreams.

Jenn and Steve are wonderful talents and gifted performers. In fact, Steve is as good a guitar player as anyone I have ever heard play the instrument and he plays with a passion that I haven't heard or felt since Hendrix. Jenn is a gifted bassist but also shines as a vocalist. I asked that they sing Me & Bobby McGee because when I hear Jenn sing that song, I get goose bumps. her vocal on that song channels the spirit of Janis Joplin but adds a dimension that is purely Jenn and simply beautiful.

I am going to miss them being close by but I love them both so much and know how important this pursuit is to them and I admire their courage to accept this challenge. Jenn and Steve, you know this, my friendship and support is the same whether you are 3 or 3000 miles away. You will both be in my heart and prayers and my greatest wish is that you find what you are looking for. I will always be there for you and I look forward to visiting with you out left.

Godspeed my friends.


brookem said...

good luck to your friends. i love that janis joplin song.

Airam said...

Awww ... they are lucky to have such supportive friends as yourself!!!

Chris said...

Brookem - thanks - they're great people.

Airam - the saying goes, that's how I roll.

egan said...

You know, moving out to LA working for Brandon Walsh's family so I'm sure it's going to work well for your friends. Good luck to them.