Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Amongst my recently published 100 things, I spoke of poetry that I have written. While I've shared some poems here, in fact, I've even written poems on the fly here, I thought I'd dig one up from some time back. .

I ran down to my basement and grabbed one of the pads from my pile of poetry and came one with this poem written June 10th, 1994.

A thousand words a picture's worth
A story yet untold
A moment captured whose destiny
is waiting to unfold

An image trapped inside your mind
Emotions start to rage
Control begins to slip away
Fear locks you in its cage

Thoughts of all those yesterdays
that never should have been
Confronting all your demons
To hell and back again

Slowly you begin to rise
from the darkened dreamy state
These pictures of tomorrow say
there's no more time to waste

Fear begins to fade away
Through the light of hope you see
The cage no longer has its hold
'cause you have found the key


Airam said...

Wow Chris ... that's beautiful.

Chris said...

Airam - thanks.

ARM said...

I don't normally "get" poetry unless it's a haiku or a funny limerick and I never really know what to say about poems, either.

But I'm able to relate to this one. Good stuff, Chris!

Chris said...

Arm - I'm glad you responded as you did. Poetry isn't everyone's cup of tea - it's something you need to learn if you write poetry. Fortunately, it's open to interpretation so that it can mean different things to different people, which is one of the things that draws me to it.

brookem said...

very nice. thanks for sharing this.
it must be kind of interesting to look back and see something that you wrote 13 years ago, right?

Chris said...

Brookem - everytime I go back and read something I wrote I first like to think about what it does for me in the present and then think about what the inspiration for writing it was.