Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Were I Still Netflixing...

I gave up on Netflix a while back mostly because they hold back shipments if you return your films too fast - fuck'em, for now at least. Also, I am so addicted to reality TV, I just don't have enough time to fit all the movies I want to see in the remaining free time.

Anyway, if I did have Netflix, here are some DVD's that would be in my queue because I haven't yet seen them and wish to for some reason:

Employee of the Month (I'm shallow)
Music and Lyrics
Man of the Year
The Illusionist
For Your Consideration
Rocky Balboa
Casino Royale (the new version)
Borat (I actually saw this in the theatre but I wanna see it again)
Norbit (not sure at all why)
Alpha Dog
Dreamgirls (thinking it will suck but hoping to be surprised)
The Hitcher (2007 version)
Night at the Museum
The Departed (Though I think Scorcese is painfully overrated as a film maker)
Marie Antionette (I love Sofia Coppolla)
Premonition (I love Sandy Bullock)
Talladega Nights (I love Will Ferrell)

I am done embarrassing myself for one post.


M said...

My take on the ones I've seen...

Music and Lyrics - a stinker. I know it looks like one but I thought it would be funny anyway (because I'm dorky like that) but actually it was just a plain old stinker. Even that chick from 3rd Rock (who I love) was utterly crap in it.

Man of the Year - I liked. Witty etc (even though am not a Robin Williams fan) - but a bit drawn out in some parts. Overall very good.

Rocky Balboa - I know it's wrong to like this but I did anyway. It was shlocky and all that but it was really endearing, sweet and has a bit of bite like all Rocky movies should. Soooooo much better than V.

casino royale - He's pouty...a bit TOO pouty as Bond - but definitely an enjoyable film. Then again I absolutely DETEST Sean Connery as bond. Yep, really I do. There was a lot of press about this bond being too rough and ready but the suave Bond is like a machine - this was supposed to be a 'rougher' Bond.

Borat - bloody hilarious.

Dreamgirls - It didn't suck, it rocked, but do you like musicals? There's a lot of singing and dancing which I love but which lots of people tend to hate.

Night at the Museum - reallly bad. REAAAAAAALLY BAD unless you're like under 10 years old.

Marie Antoniette - I love Sophia too. I loved this movie. I absolutely adored the soundtrack like you wouldn't believe. I play it all the time. She knows how to put together music and vision that lady. I've heard a lot of bad press about this movie but I just adored it.

Talladega Nights - Will Ferrell is hilarious. This movie had me doubling up in laughter at some bits (there's this praying to "baby Jesus" scene that is soo funny) but thinking 'meh' at other bits. Overall - awesome.

Chris said...

M - I appreciate your reviews. I absolutely love movie reviews - I am kinda weird that way.

I like Hugh Grant's comic timing and delivery but it seems that only one out of every three movies or so are worth watching.

My favorite bond was Roger Moore. I too am not a Sean Connery fan at all. In fact, the only thing I like about Sean connery is when comics, particularly Darrel Hammond, impersonate him.

brookem said...

chris, you have to see the departed if only because you're now a "bostonian," ya know?

Chris said...

Brookem - I'll see it eventually fah shah.

ARM said...

We go in phases with our Netflix and hold the account for a few months. I didn't know they held back shipments, though. We return movies sometimes the day after we get them. Oh well!!

A lot of what would be in your queue was in my queue or are still there for when we restart. Rocky Balboa was surprisingly good. I liked it a lot. Casino Royale...I'm not a Bond fan,but I liked this one.

Norbit? Really?

Tall Chick said premonition was kind of crappy, but I'd see just for the guy.

Airam said...

I need to look more into what this netflix is all about.

Although I just bought like 3 books so I don't know how much time I'd have watching movies. Whenever I rent movies I get like 3 or 4 at a time.

Jill O. said...

You know what big music/movie buffs we are, so I've seen lots of these. Plus, we do the 3 Netflix plan and I LOVE it - I haven't paid particular attention to whether or not they hold movies back; they seem to arrive in a timely fashion - but we both heart the rating option. And, I like the Friends feature; it's fun to see what others are watching/rating. But I digress, the movies:

Music and Lyrics - I probably only liked this because the music was so darned cheesily 80s! And, I'm a sucker for Hugh Grant. Wasn't a stellar movie, but it's a feel-gooder and seriously, Hugh Grant in leather pants? all for it.

The Illusionist - just saw this and despite the fact that I thought it was going to be the movie "The Prestige" (which was fantastic), I liked it. I wish that Edward Norton didn't play the main character so stiff, but he was intense and came close to making me believe that Jessica Biel's character would want him. If you like historical fiction and movies with some twist, it's pretty good.

For Your Consideration - I LOVE Christopher Guest and while this isn't Guffman or A Mighty Wind, it's still worth watching. The characters are appropriately quirky and the statement it makes about Hollywood hype is brilliant.

Casino Royale (the new version) - A Bond who cries? Unimaginable, right? Daniel Craig is pretty good and I liked that they gave some insight into how he became 007, and showed his vulnerability. The action sequences were incredibly unbelievable, even for a Bond movie.

Borat - High five! Soooo good.
Norbit - Don't. Do. It. 103 minutes of your life you'll never get back.

Dreamgirls - music good, plot thin. If you like musicals, you'll like it well enough.

Night at the Museum - the funniest thing about this movie was my friend's little girl was out in public and said that her favorite part was when "he spanked his monkey". Hilarious. Movie not so much.
The Departed - overrated is the perfect word for this movie. It was incredibly violent and horribly contrived. I wanted to love it, but instead I was left feeling like Scorcese had had his way with me.

Talladega Nights - Any time Farrell is on the screen, it's pure gold. The rest of the time, mediocre.

Chris said...

Arm - Norbit is coming off the list. Despite Tall Chick's assesment of premonition, I can't leave my sweet Sandy in the lerch.

Airam - Books are wonderful. Netflix is the modern era of video rental. Instead of going out to the video store, you never have to leave home - futz around online, pick movies, they mail them to your door, you return them, they send you more.

Jill - I do know what moview buffs you and tall guy are and I appreciate yor reviews. I've mailed Mariah Carey a bill for 90 minutes of my time after seeing glitter so I won't make the mistake of seeing Norbit.

❉ pixie ❉ said...

The Illusionist was excellent (as was Prestige). Didn't care much for The Departed.

Chris said...

Pixie - Hello there and thanks for your coment. I've been looking forward to seeing The Illusionist.