Monday, August 13, 2007

Breast Cancer

I was deeply saddened yesterday when I heard that someone I know was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. It felt worse that I heard it through a third party. My dear friend Rebecca, a wonderful Episcopal priest, single mother of two young children, and loving and caring pastor was recently diagnosed. Rebecca was the associate rector at my church when I started going there and has since been called as the rector of another church. It's not the first time a friend has been ill but like always, it is never easy to know just how to be supportive without being intrusive. Please think positive thoughts for her and for her children Kip and Valerie.

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I posted my first review over at Book Me In this past weekend. Granted it was a review I wrote a few years ago, it is however even more relevant today as you'll see when you go to read it.
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I discovered this website today and really got a kick out of this story.
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Have you skrinkered today? If not, what are you waiting for?
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People that read my blog but don't reply/comment but still need some mad props:
Chris (son of Mike)
Johnny D
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Much love...Later for now.


Airam said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. She and her children are in my prayers.

And your book review was great!

Chris said...

Airam - that means alot to me; thanks.

AaroN said...

I'll skip the positive thoughts and stick to prayer. :)

Chris said...

Aaron - Thanks, I am a living witness to the power of prayer and I and I am certain Rebecca appreciates yours.

brookem said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend Rebecca. I will absolutely keep her in my thoughts.

I have to go skrinker up some sort of snack.

Have YOU skrinkered today, is the question?

ARM said...

My thoughts are with you and your friend. I am very sorry to hear about that.

You have people who read your blog and never comment, too? My friends will occasionally comment, but it's very rare. Oh well.

I skrinker everyday.

Airam said...

Skrinker. It does a body good.

Chris said...

All - thanks for your thoughts and prayers on Rebecca's behalf.

Brookem - I am skrinkering right at this moment (SHHH, I shouldn't be).

ARM - does it bother you when one of them says, "I was reading your blog and I thought...." and they have a really great commentary and you just wish they would post it? Ah, I should just be glad they are reading, and I am of course.

Airam - that's a great one.