Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bullet Points and Fellow Bloggers

  • Today is my cousin Annalisa's (Cuzzup) birthday; HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZZUP!
  • I am currently reading "High Five", the fifth book in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.
  • My perfect casting of Stephanie Plum would be Eva Mendes.
  • I listened to the soundtrack to "Grease" (the movie) this weekend.
  • October 2nd is just 45 days away; that's when the new Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band CD will be released (I am so there for that).
  • I have just about had it up to here (familiar hand motion around my neckish area) with people bitching about how much they hate their jobs as if they are being held hostage.
And now some words for my Bloggerville family:
Egan – your whole world has changed, but as crazy as it is, it's without a doubt a change for the better. I know that you will fall into your groove before long. Remember to take good care of yourself so that you will be able to take good care of Anna and N-Po.
Sprizee – I am so glad that your dad is doing well with his recovery. I hope that all turns out fine with your eye. If anyone can make it cool to drive a "huge Ford Taurus" it's you for sure.
Jill – Home ownership 2.0, and in a new state – the property values in Portland are about to rise for sure.
Joy – I look forward to hopefully meeting you if you make it up here to New England. I really enjoy the reading your perspective on things. My all of your technical woes remain in the past.
Brookem – How cool is it to have a new blogger friend that skrinkers only a hop, skip , and a jump away? Very cool if you ask me. You have a great sense of humor, a cool cat, and have shared space in a photograph with me; that's good stuff.
ARM – You are infectiously entertaining and so filled with everything that makes friendship such a wonderful thing. Perhaps one of the most endearing things about you was this "I got married in an apple orchard and our reception was in a barn." That says so much about who you are and I think it's wonderful.
Airam – I love that you are a teacher and can't wait to read your blog over this coming academic year. Education is something I am passionate about and I am always interested in other educator's perspective.
To be continued (I am exhausted and need to get some sleep)…


Airam said...

Well how sweet are you!?

I'm excited you're a teacher too as we get to share stories with eachother!! I'm sending you an email with the address of a teacher blog that I "frequent".

ARM said...

What nice things to say! I appreciate that, Chris! You are too awesome.

Your last bullet point makes me giggle and glad that I don't bitch about my job on my blog...because I am one of those people who act like my job is holding me hostage. But I am actively trying to find a way out of my captivity.

Chris said...

Airam - Thanks for the email, I look forward to checking that out.

ARM - I realize that there are often circustances that make it difficult, you need to do waht's best for you and be true to yourself.

brookem said...

chris! i love eva mendes, i need to just let you in on that factoid about myself. thank you for your kind words about me, my friend. we should skrinker up some thai food again not too long from now.

Chris said...

Brookem - She's a hottie and way underrated. Definitely.