Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bullet Points and Fellow Bloggers Continued

  • I attended an Eagle Scout Court of Honor today. A young man from church with whom I had served on the search committee was among the three Eagle Scout honorees. I had written a personal letter of recommendation for him, which was an honor to do because he is a fine young man. Congratulations Zach and all the best at Northwestern.
  • I ran out of propane today just after I popped the corn on the grill but thankfully just before the steaks went on. I guess I've been grilling alot more than in previous years where two 20 lb. tanks of propane was enough. Oh, well, I just filled both 20 lb. containers so as far as I can see, I'm at least grilling through Halloween.
  • What's all this with the messages you may be wondering? Well, with most of you, I only get to communicate via blogs and comments, perhaps an occasional email. Since it's difficult to touch base any other way, every so often I wanna just reach out in some way and off the cuff just think of something that comes to mind and share it with you. So, I am working my way down my list of blogs and doing just that.
And now some words for the rest of my Bloggerville family:
Radioactive Girl - you have such a wonderful spirit. You've been through so much at such an early age and yet are so positive and inspirational and so clearly dedicated as a parent.
Wishing for Fiction - Sam, you are a gifted wordsmith. Poetry is a wonderful art form, something very dear to me. I am grateful that you are so willing to share yours with all of us.
Factum - I have no idea who you are or where you come from, but I always know where I can find something to laugh at; that's certainly a priceless commodity to have.
Kate - the first time I met you you were dressed up as a lint roller and by the end of the night I had been responsible for attaching a piece of broccoli, a cookie, and a hamburger bun (I would never have given up one of LJ's meatballs in that manner). Your good people and I wish you all the best in your new apartment and your future nuptials.
Michael - You my friend go back into my very beginnings of blogging. Back then you lived in another country across an ocean. Alot has changed but I know that you are still one of the best writers I've ever read - I hope that more people get the privilege of seeing your work. I wish you an Jennifer all the best.
Human Under Construction - Jennifer Jordan - I don't know you but I do frequent your blog. Your blog is like the potpourri category in Jeopardy. A fun place. I especially am fond of the cuteness buffer.
Skull Buggery - Lord Fondleberries - You are definitely different. Be happy.
Bryan - your on the borderline of a trivia and sports encyclopedia. Oh, you are freakishly tall, married to Jill (the same one mentioned in yesterday's post), you dig board games - which is excellent. All good stuff in my book. Congrats on the house purchase.
Bloggers I miss very much:
Daisy, Melika, Jenn, Melisa, Jessica, Cordoggerel, and Jams. I still think about all of you.


Airam said...

Mmmm .. barbecued corn is sooo good! In fact barbecued ANYTHING is so good!

ARM said...

I like your messages. It's a very nice thing to do. I tried to do a shout out once to all my fellow blogger and found that I kept repeating "you're the best" so I scratched it. I may have to try it again someday because I have a lot of strong feelings for my blogger buds, too. You all are a wonderful extended family and I've enjoyed getting to know everyone!

Chris said...

Airam - I'm a grilling fanatic. I recently grilled nectarines and bananas.

ARM - :)

brookem said...

corn! i need to get my hands on some good corn on the cob soon. t'is the season, right?

Chris said...

Brookem - 'Tis the season for sure. Check your local farm stand. Whole Foods in Framingham is currently selling locally grown bicolor corn fro a whopping quarter an ear.