Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hangin' with Oliver

Oliver wasn't totally up for it but he obliged somewhat for the sake of YouTube celebrity. He loves chilling out inside the fireplace - odd for sure. Here he is:


Joy said...

That's a cat for you - independent and grudgingly cooperative. It has to be their idea, you know. I enjoyed watching you play with the cat toy. :-)

Airam said...

Aww so cute ... and I didn't even need to take Benadryl to watch!


Chris said...

Joy - I love toys! You stated my cat's disposition perfectly.

Airam - I am glad that I didn't instigate an allergic reaction.

ARM said...

I love it!! My cat does the same thing - when ever I have the camera, she decides to stop being all crazy and acts all like, "yeah...i'm cool...I wasnn't just acting like a spaz a few minutes ago...what? Moi? what is this thing?"


And I'm glad I'm not the only one who "YouTubes" their cat. here is one of my cat playing, too. And this one is a slide show I made of some of the MANY pictures I have of her. Sad? maybe. Funny? definitely. I think so at least.

Chris said...

ARM - Thanks for sharing your cat pix. Funny stuff.