Monday, August 06, 2007

On How to Be an Idiot - An Ongoing Dilemma

I've been cooking up ideas for things I want to do with my podcast and one of them for sure is interviews, specifically, phone interviews. So, before I went ahead with any research, I knew I had a device I used to use way back in the pranking days. So I'm messing around with the phone and this device and (trying to) dial my own voice mail to see if I can get any recording levels when all of a sudden there is a voice on the other end of the line.

Now I am in a state of such deep focus, that I have no acute awareness of what's even going on around me and all of my brain is being used for this particular purpose, so there was no way for me to think about the voice other than to respond as if the call was coming in. "Hello...can I help you?" "What do you mean, you called me!" "I'm sorry, not sure how that happened.." Then I hung up and moved along with my project.

Seconds later, the phone rings and the caller ID says ARIZONA. I then realized what had happened, though I have no idea how. You see, it was my dear cousin calling from her place of work. Somehow, I had dialed her workplace - which is odd because the number is not in the phone's memory nor in my own brain - which means that I randomly called her; what the heck are those odds? For those trying to keep score and/or computer the odds, I live in Massachusetts, so the only thing our area code/phone numbers have in common is that they use the same set of digits (0-9) and the same quantity of them. So, what better to do that to have a brief catch up chat, so we did and that was that.


Airam said...

That is a strange coincidence. You know what else is weird? We live in different countries yet we use the same set of digits (0-9) and quantity too!!! What are the odds of that!

ARM said...

That's awesome! I like it when things like that happen. Almost as much as when you pick up the phone before it rings and someone you haven't talked with in a long time is on the other end. Good stuff.

Interviews for a podcast? Interesting...very, very interesting.

Chris said...

Airam - I do recall when I was last in Canada something vaguely familiar, it must have been that. :)

ARM - Whilst it added to my idiot dilemma, it was cool to chat with my best cuzz.
I am looking forward to exploiting various technologies in my podcasting endeavors - I just need to get off my ass and make it happen.

brookem said...

that's so random and coincidental! hmm. interesting chris!
i love your idea of an interview for a podcast!

sprizee said...

Wow, that is truly bizzare.

Chris said...

Brookem - totally odd. Once I get the equipment working, I need to develop an interview style.

Sprizee - yes, very much so.

ARM said...

Podcasting pretty much rulz. I found yours on iTunes (I got mine loaded on there, too) and I left you a review. Because I'm cool like that.

Chris said...

ARM - You are cool like that - thanks a bunch.