Thursday, August 23, 2007

Rejected Post Titles

Here are some post titles I have put on the backburner (for now):
  • Advantages of Wearing a Bluetooth Headset 24/7
  • Insane Rabbi's I Never Knew
  • Penny Less and Pounds Overweight
  • Home Remedies for Foot Odor
  • Read This Like You're Speaking Through a Megaphone
  • Peripheral Vision is Overrated
  • Living in Sin, Sinning to Live
  • Statutory Crepes
  • Remote Control Freak
  • Everyday is Humpday in Greece
  • I'm Nikki Tsongas, The Other White Meat (for MA residents only)
(inspired by George Carlin)
I was in training all day today. The trainer's company is based in Seattle, which seemed king of odd since he resides in Cleveland. "I've commuted since '99..." Talk about dedication.
A toilet seat worth spending a few extra dollars on. Yes, I bought one.
TMI (Too much information) - see above statement.
I am still in shock that Tre got sent home on Top Chef. Holy freaking crap.
That's it for now.


brookem said...

ha! i would love to hear about the statutory crepes!

Airam said...

What is it with men and toilets? Was it the quiet close feature that sold you on it?

And I'd like to hear more about "living in sin, sinning to live". Perhaps I could get some pointers from you.

ARM said...

Every day is humpday in Greece, indeed!

You seriously have one of those toilet seats? That's hilarious. I don't know why. It just is. And I'm easily amused. An a little bit wired tonight. Whoa nelly.

Chris said...

Brookem - I bet you would. Best I could come up with is that they were undercooked.

Airam - yes, the quiet close is quite impressive and far easier to put down when finished (quieter, obviously, as well). In fact, it was a nice complement to the "Comfort Height" toilet bowl I purchase as well - who knew you didn't have to sit so low to the ground when reading.

ARM - Whoa nelly!

egan said...

Who the fuck in their right mind works for a company in Seattle?

I like your Bluetooth title. Use it someday.

rookie teacher said...

I saw a woman shopping in walmart with a bluetooth. I wanted to laugh at her. She wasn't talking on the phone.

Chris said...

Egan - it is an odd place to work when one resides some 2400 miles away. I haven't completely closed the book on those post titles though I did write them mostly as jokes.

Rookie Teacher - wink wink. Nice to have you here. Perhaps you should have directed that woman with to the tooth whitening products.

egan said...

Who is this Rookie Teacher? Great, now I have to send Chris an invite to something.

Chris said...

Egan - I love being invited.

Airam said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA ... this is what happens when someone is delerious. They dont' realize who they are commenting as.

egan said...

Chris stay tuned for a cute invite to something exclusive.

Chris said...

Airam - Are you referring to that hottie going by the name of Rookie Teacher? Do you know her as well?

Egan - I will look forward to it.