Monday, August 27, 2007

Turkeys on the Lawn

This morning as I was leaving for work there was a flock of turkeys walking across my front lawn. Here's the list of some of the animals I have now seen in my town (which is not in the sticks by any means): Turkey, Deer, Turtle, Ducks, Geese...I just realized how uninteresting this list is.

It's starting to get crazy at the college with just one week before Fall classes begin.

The brilliance of our youth:

Not sure what the deal is with Owen Wilson, the truth that is. However, I really wish him well and hope he gets through whatever it is.

I need to get a haircut this weekend.

Sorry to have bored you through this post.

Update (already)
Here are two of my picks for the perfect gal:

Giada de Laurentiis

Sara Underwood
Andrea Immer
Update #2

Here's another lady, a local news anchor that makes me all warm and fuzzy:


brookem said...

wow. that's all i can say about that video.

what's up with owen wilson? i havent heard anything about him...

brookem said...

oh and ps, i like giada, lots.

i just read an article on owen. poor guy...

Airam said...

Yowza ... looks aren't everything apparently.

And we named one of my niece's dolls Giada.

Chris said...

Brookem - I know, that video just hurts in every way.

Airam - Are you implying that either my Giada or Andrea are fugs? Both are phenomenal cooks, Andrea was the first ever female to be desgnated a "Master Sommelier", I think both are very attractive (though the photo here of Andrea is not her best).

ARM said...

At least the turkeys weren't flying.

That video is too much...I saw it while it was happening last Friday night. I was horrified.

Giada is hot...and makes some kick ass stuff. I think even I have a crush on her.

radioactive girl said...

I have a girl crush on Giada! I love her cooking and she is adorable. She's so tiny, I wish I could just put her in my pocket and carry her around with me. I just made something from her cookbook last night!

radioactive girl said...

Ahhh! I just read airam's comment and laughed because she said the same thing about the girl crush!

Chris said...

ARM - I think the turkeys heard me say that if they were anywhere nearby at Thanksgiving it would be convenient because they didn't show up today.

Radioactive Girl - The whole carrying Giada around in your pocket is 18% cute, 9% creepy, 22% intriguing, 36% cuter than the 18% cute, and 15% other.

Airam said...

I wasn't implying that at all!!!!!

I come in peace yo! I think that they are both spectacularly hot! I love me some Giada!

Airam said...

My yowza looks aren't everything comment was meant for our brilliant contestant! Geesh!


Chris said...

Airam - I'm feeling the love. {**HUG**}