Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bumper Sticker

"The Best Things in Life Aren't Things" read the bumper sticker on the car in front of me while I was on my way to Whole Foods for lunch. My initial reaction was having to confront just how materialistic I am. Then there was a brief moment where I thought I better hit the brakes so I don't run into this guy about to ruin my day with his bumper sticker.

While I love the sentiment of the bumper sticker, and wanted badly after my initial reaction to have thought it out and just scream yeah, all I could think of is how pissed I am when there's nothing to watch on my plasma TV, nothing "good' to eat in the fridge, or especially when my car isn't being cooperative.

It was disturbing to me to have to confront this about myself because all I wanted was some lunch after a really rough morning at work. Up to the point where I noticed the sticker, I was laughing while listening to my satellite radio. The whole damn time I was in the store eating my sushi and drinking my bottled water, all I could think of was that friggin' bumper sticker.

You know, I wouldn't trade my friendships for anything in the world. I love to do good things, I get a great feeling when I do charity work or volunteer at the church. I really do believe in my heart that the bumper sticker does speak the truth. But I'd be lying if I denied my need for material things as I type this on my laptop computer then transmit it via my high speed wireless home network.


Princess Extraordinaire said...

I can completely realte to your sentiment - I feel mixed abou that too but it's all good in theory...

egan said...

Amen sir. It's all about balance. Look at all the thought you put into a silly bumpersticker. I'm impressed.

Chris said...

Princess - Amen.

Egan - Balance surely is the key, and the most difficult one to achieve. Perhaps striving toward balance should be enough if it is genuine.

Airam said...

I emailed you about this. I think that you deserve all the things that you can do for yourself. You're a great person!

Chris said...

Airam - first, I must include the text of your email for all to see because your words were to wonderful to keep to myself:

"I can't respond to your blog post now but I just had
to say that I liked it a lot. I think that the more
we have the more we want but it doesn't mean that
you're a bad person for wanting a plasma tv or sushi
for lunch. If you needed to pinch your pennies more
then you'd have been just as happy with your homemade
bologna sandwich. And you would've counted your lucky
stars that you could even afford that. Truth of the
matter is that a lot of people are going through hard
times but just because you are doing well for yourself
you shouldn't feel badly about that but proud because
you earned it but most of all you deserve it because
you are such a great person. I will respond to your
post when I get home tonight..."

I really appreciate your thoughts.

Airam said...

Wow I sound long-winded when trying to type out a coherent email quickly so I can get back to my students!

egan said...

Airam and Chris in a tree...

brookem said...

i agree with what egan said, and airam. the fact that you thought about it all this much, just speaks to the wonderful person that you are chris. it's not a bad thing to like the material things that you have. you have the ability to also recognize what you've got and not take it for granted either.

Chris said...

Airam - It's not all that long-winded and most important, it helped put things in perspective.

Egan - You flirty boy you.

Brookem - :) Thanks for making me smile.

All - Seeing that bumper sticker brought out way more than I thought possible and came after a particularly intense morning. You all rock!