Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Get Out of this Lab You Friggin' Creep

So, while the insanity is still there, it does begin to settle, albeit slowly as we begin week two of the fall. This particular semester finds a not uncommon set of "unusual" characters though seemingly more abundant than semesters past.

I noticed a male student siting in an unusual position at a computer workstation, head way down into the glass and a virtual fortress comprised of his belongings blocking the screen sunken below. What was particularly disturbing beyond my initial suspicion was the odd bodily movements beneath the desk.

I took the liberty of going back into the server area where I have access to monitor activity on any of the lab workstations where I discovered this guy viewing explicit gay male pornography. Uggh! I have no problem with the fact that this guy is into gay male porn, but time and a fucking place for everything dude, time and a fucking place. How fucking nuts does one have to be that they need to look at explicit material at school? Wait till you get the fuck home you horny psycho freak!


Airam said...

Ewwwwwww!!!! That's disgusto!!! Wait til you get home!!

Did you do anything? Do you have the power to shut down computers from your workstation??

Chris said...

Yes, actually, I caught him twice. The first time, I reboted his computer remotely which seemed to strike the fear of God in him. But, when he did the same thing again just a short while later, I captured his screen for evidence, then locked out his computer account. He will no longer have any computer access until he speaks with the dean about the computer use policy.

AaroN said...

So what did you do? Did you call him out or what?