Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Love Is In The Air

A couple of days ago, Airam had a post called Love is... I kind of joked around in my reply but after careful consideration, I thought I would dig out a poem I wrote back in 1989 in a very similar style to Airam's post.

Love (to me)


… is the sparkle in your eyes
and the beauty of your face
it’s the feeling that I feel for you
that makes my heart race

…is the passion when we touch
it’s when our mouths collide
it’s the gentle touch of skin on skin
and when I am inside

…is the subtle whisper
at the zenith of our motions
it’s the mysteries of the unknown
and perpetual devotion

…is what I feel for you
even when we are apart
it’s the bond that lies between us
deep down within our hearts

…is every moment of time
all of which you are a part
it’s the tears of joy I cry for you
and the way you touch my heart

…is something mystical
like the world beneath the sea
love is all that matters
Love is you and me

©1989 Christopher Daniele


Airam said...

Truly beautiful.

Chris said...

Airam - Thanks!