Monday, September 03, 2007

Miss Elaine E

I've got a firm date on my 25 year high school reunion; October 27th. I can't believe that 25 years have passed, how effing crazy is that? I've already managed to touch base with two people from high school both of whom I haven't seen in many, may years and they are planning on being there. I am psyched.

It's been a long time since I've baked my famous, yes, it's famous, three layer chocolate cake with my own Bailey's buttercream frosting. This photo is the ingredients that are used for the three chocolatey delicious layers of cake:

The photo of the ingredients for the frosting for some reason didn't come out but if it did, you would see the same stainless steel bowl that holds the flour in the above photo but instead, it would have six cups of powdered sugar. The photo would also include two sticks of butter, a bottle of Bailey's Irish Creme, Pure Vanilla Extract, and a splash of milk.

And now for the finished product:
The chocolatey goodness you see on top is chocolate shavings, Ghirardelli of course.

I listened to the new Springsteen single at least fifty times and love more each time.

I made a fuss at Walgreen's today. Them fuckers are just notorious for not having anything that they include in their sale brochure. I think it's time to file a report with whomever will take a report on this matter cause I've had enough of it.

There's a new candy bar, Nestle Crunch Crisp, that I have been trying to find, but can't as of yet. Actually, BJ's had them but only by the box and I thought having a dozen would be mighty dangerous.

Jenn and Steve are California bound. They should be there any minute if they hadn't yet arrived.

If you hadn't heard my most recent podcast, you can get it just below this post, in it, you can hear me say the word penis - more than once.


Airam said...

Oh goodness ... I think you may just give Arm a small heart attack with those pics and cake description.

Chris said...

When ARM open up her bake shop, I wanna make a guest appearance.

I started baking long afer I started cooking and I love both cause they are so different.

I don't bake very often however but I do bake in spurts. Like I'll go on a baking rampage for a month then not back for like 8 months.

radioactive girl said...

That cake looks amazing. Will you come open a bakery with me? I want to have a cupcake shop, but that looks like it would work for cupcakes too, right? Can you share the recipe? Did you and I just missed it due to all the pictures that made me hungry?

egan said...

Now I'm hungry. In fact I may be salivating.

brookem said...

just skrinkering by chris. i need to catch up on you. ill be back!

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - Perhaps you, arm, and I should open a bakery together! There's a bakery in NYC that famousfor their cupcakes, it's called Crumbs (or Crumbz) - I need to get there and check it out but I'm told they are doing really innovative things with cupcakes. I'll try to remember to get you the recipe via email.

Egan - If I could figure out how toget you one of these cakes in one piece, I will. If not, then when I eventually make my way to your fair city, I'l bake on there for you and the family.

Brookem - I've missed you. Hope you had a great time. I think you'll get a kick out of the podcast.

egan said...

Where there's a will, there's a way. Money changes everything.

Chris said...

Egan _ I've been tring to figure out how Legal Sea foods ships their lobsters. believe a portable cooler and dry ice, plus overnight delivery is the answer. I'm gonna need to experiment by freezing one of these bad boys and see how well it defrosts. Science is so darn interesting.

radioactive girl said...

I have seen a link to that bakery, and I want to live there!

Yes, fantastic idea about you, me and arm.