Saturday, October 27, 2007


My next 24 hours, as they are currently scheduled, should be interesting and a bit nutty. Over the course of that time period, I will be giving a final exam, submitting final grades for the course, changing into dressier clothes, driving to NYC (200+ miles), attending my 25 year (aye caramba) High School reunion, driving back to MA (yes, another 200+ mile commute), and hopefully getting enough sleep to wake up for a Sunday morning commitment.

I'll be picking up a couple of shots of 5 hour energy - it's the only such product that seems to have some positive effect without the need for an visit to the emergency room.

During my adventure, I hope to get some interesting fodder for a post and/or a podcast, in the meantime all of you are in my thoughts and prayers.

With Love.

Update: 11:08am
The above post was written and posted before 7am. At this point, I've given my final, graded them, computer the final scores and grades for all students, informed each of them and uploaded the grades into the college database. I have also returned home, showered again and am dressed and ready to go. I actually can chill out for the next 30-45 minutes before I need to leave as the commute is a minimum of 4 hours in perfect conditions and since it's raining, and I'm headed into NYC, I assure you that the conditions aren't perfect. Still thinking of all of you.

Update: 8:00am Sunday
I survived! The reunion was fantastic, more on that later. I got home just before 3am and the alarm went of at 7 (OUCH!). I really thought I should at least try to meet several committments I had early today and now that I've showered and dressed, I am off...later.


Anonymous said...


See you at the 25 year reunion!

Your friend from the "B68" Bus and HS.


Chris said...

Frank - it was great seeing you.