Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Feel the Magic

The new Bruce Springsteen CD, featuring the E-Street Band, was released this morning. If you want to hear the songs, click on the picture and you'll be transported to Q104.3 NY's web site where they are currently streaming the entire CD.

While I did take a preview listen about a week ago, I sat down with the CD and the lyric book and really dug into these songs. All are brilliantly crafted songs. Bruce took his writing back the pop music fundamentals while still eloquently and emphatically stamping each with a signature sound not only of his own, but also the fabulous E-Street Band.

I did get a sneak preview of how some of these songs will sound live from the Today Show performances, I eagerly anticipate the full arena experience. Johnny D was scheduled to see the tour opener in Hartford tonight so I expect a review, which perhaps he'll allow me to share here, first thing in the morning.


sprizee said...

The Dude told me a couple of nights ago he'd like to see Bruce in concert. Then we proceeded to have a debate about whether or not Max Weinberg would be on tour with him or not. The Dude is adamant Max will be but frankly I've been too lazy to ask the InternetS. Either way, it should be a good show. Cross your fingers for us he comes to Seattle.

Chris said...

Max is going to be on tour, he's taking a hiatus from Conan. If you've seen Bruce, you know how great he is - if you haven't, don't pass up an opportunity.

Good luck!