Monday, October 22, 2007

Living in the Moment

Time for a new podcast.

Listen Right Here:


egan said...

I hope the Starbucks stuff is nice.

egan said...

Next time you go to Walden Pond, can you take Brookem with you? Please, she needs to get out for a little self reflection.

Hi birdies! chirp chirp.

You love Airam, but who doesn't? Geek!

I like the "living in the moment" topic. Yeah, you are a good man. You sound like you were in a mellow mood. I blame Walden Pond.

**Ha, yes I did copy and paste my comment from your My Podcast site. I'm lazy yo!

Chris said...

Egan - The Starbucks stuff is very nice, the author of the book is a huge fan. I've learned some interesting things about their corporate culture and philosphies and most of which I find both interesting and admirable.

Going to Walden Pond with Brookem is a terrific idea!

I do love Airam but it's heartbreaking when your referred to as a geek by one you hold so dear.

Walden Pond does have a soothing effect.

egan said...

I know, I can't believe she called you a geek. Talk about a low blow. As crazy as it is, you know it's endearing with her little Canadian accent.

Take Brookem to Walden Pond for real. She needs to look inward.

So this guy is a huge fan of Starbucks? Does this mean you will go there more than 3 times a year? In all seriousness, Starbucks gets a bum rap. It's sad though since they really do take care of their employees.

Airam said...

Dude! I think geeks are hot!

Chris said...

Airam - :)