Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Magic 8 Ball and Other Assorted Tales

63 days from now, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve 2008 will all be in the history books and the first day of 2009 will be upon us.

The passage of time as time passes perpetually perplexes me.

I am almost somewhat semi-recovered from my adventurous Saturday.

I distinctly recall a time going trick-or-treating with my friend Mike and his mom. His little brother (now in his early 30's with 4 kids of his own) was still in a carriage! Yikes! Anyway, I recall wearing my cheezy costume which came in a single box featuring the elastic band from hell and placing my hand for just a brief moment on the handle of the carriage when a bird chose that precise moment to crap in that exact spot.

Got any trick-or-treat stories to share?


Airam said...

I know ... time really does go so quickly ...

I don't really have any memorable trick or treat stories. I stopped going after I was in grade 8. My parents came around looking for me because I went further than I said I would. I'm pretty sure I got in shit that night for it. They might've even sent me to bed without candy.

brookem said...

chris, what was your costume with this elastic band that you speak of? sucks that the bird got you!
happy halloween! i cant think of any great, spooky gems right now... ill keep thinking.

Chris said...

Airam - The old further than you said you would move - I pulled that one off more than once. I think the punishment was a bit stern though...sent to bed with no candy, on Hallowen :(. What is your current favorite candy item?

Brookem - Back then, there were these cheezy costimes that came inside a cardboard bos. The highly flammable material piece neatly tucked under the plastic shell of a mask which had a painful piece of elastic used to attach it to your face. Mostly they were generic ghosts, ghouls, etc. And, what is your current favorite candy item?

Airam said...

Hmmm ... I love those little bags of chips!! Any flavour will do ... I'm not picky!


radioactive girl said...

I hated Halloween. It was always so cold and rainy, and my parents never really let me dress up. If I was allowed to trick or treat, they confiscated all the candy because you never know what "the crazies" might put in it.

I just got back from helping in my kids classroom parties and had a great time! Tonight we will trick or treat together and I WILL allow them to eat it since our neighbors are pretty cool and definitely not tampering with the candy.

Chris said...

Airam - I'm not sure what chips you speak of but now I want some too.

Radioactive Girl - I hope that you will treat yourself to a piece of candy or two as well.