Monday, October 29, 2007

Marbles Returning to Mush Man

Saturday is now a memory and Sunday, believe it or not is a big fog. It was after 3am when I went to bed on Saturday and was awake at 7 on Sunday to meet commitments. While I should have napped, for some reason I was in something of an awaking come through most of the day and finally did force myself to bed early (about 10:30ish) on Sunday night.

I went back and read some of the emails and stuff I wrote yesterday and boy, as mushy as I am naturally, I was in high gear in my comatose state.

I missed not one, but two Halloween parties as a result of the reunion. The Jeffrey annual I have been to and am certain it was a gas. The other one, I know the players well enough - I'm betting there was a great time missed...I was at both in spirit.

I just didn't have the steam to do a podcast this week - sorry. I am off on Wednesday but I am not gonna force one. So, while there's an outside chance at one on Wednesday, next Sunday is the more likely target for the next one.

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