Monday, October 01, 2007

Notes from a Podcaster's Journal

It's been fun reading everyone's comments here and at Airam's place in reaction to the podcast. It was great fun and a great learning experience. I have so many ideas running through my head and hope that time will allow me to execute at least some of them.

You should all know that at some point I'd like to have you all make guest appearances or participate in interviews, or have some input into my podcasts. I do need to spend some more time researching better recording methods for phone calls and I'd like to have the ability to conference at least a few folks at once. Long term goals!

This whole podcast thing kind of took me by surprise. I listen to lots of podcasts, mostly NPR but never thought I'd venture into that medium. It's just so darn fun though! Thanks for all the kind and mostly encouraging words. You all rock!


Airam said...

You are definitely great at interviewing! Egan made a comment to me that you have a soothing way of asking questions ... which is very true and why I think I was able to talk about some of the harder topics that you asked about. I can't wait to hear any other podcast interviews you do and would love to be a part of the group one if that's possible. You rock!

brookem said...

chris- eventually im going to sit and listen to this chris/airam podcast. afterall, you're both two of my favourite (that's for airam) bloggers. im not surprised that you've been getting good feedback my friend!

Chris said...

I was in a complete haze all night last night so I need to clarify some points now that I am somewhat less hazy:

1. I love NPR's podcasts and can only dream of being that claiber. I was in no way implying that I was or ever could be only that they have helped to inspire me (as well as my memories of doing college radio).

2. If I had a Purple iPod sock tree like the one in Egan's back yard, I'd evenly distribute the baounty amongst all of you.

3. Goodnight Gracie.

Chris said...

Airam - I listen to lots of interviews. Lots of them. I knkow that you need to build trust with who you are speaking to before they will respond and you need to make them comfortable and most of all, show them the proper respect. I ahve nothing but respect and admiration for all of my fellow bloggers so it's a relatively easy task. I also care very much for all of you. So when I asked you in particular some of the harder questions it's because I genuinely care about you and your response - it does make it easier.

Brookem - Enjoy the podcast and ready up for an interview of your own sometime in the coming months.

armalicious said...

You've definitely given me podcasting ideas, too. For reals. I can't wait to get back into the swing of things - podcasts included.

egan said...

I think it's great fun to hear these. My only gripe is the length, that or find a way so a listener can bookmark the podcast and come back later. There was no way to let it load and catch part of it later.

You're very good at interviewing and it was fun to learn some new things about both of you. That said, I'm still not routing for the Yankees.

egan said...

The xes ed enohp in the final seven minutes rocked yo!

Chris said...

Armaliscious - Bring it on and let it roll.

Egan - Maybe breaking it up on the blog and keeping it whole for iTunes is the move. I'm pretty sure in iTunes you can set it to remember your spot. I wouldn't expect you to root for the Yankees.

Egan - It rocked so much you've mangled your letters.

egan said...

But I think you got the point of the mangled letters.

I downloaded the interview to my iPod and can listen to it there. Now that I've done that, the length of the interview isn't such a big deal. It feels more like an NPR interview, which is where you get much of your inspiration.