Saturday, October 06, 2007


Teaching is rewarding but sometimes it's so darn hard.

There's Magic in the air, and I just can't stop listening.

Believe it or not, I am going to see Kelly Clarkson in concert on the 23rd of this month.

I'm hooked on a feeling, but not so high on believing.

I am so desperate to remain at a constant level of organization but can't yet attain that level, much less maintain it.

Jefferson Airplane has a song called "Summer of Love" and every time I have ever heard it it brings sheer and utter joy to my heart and soul; I almost always cry happy tears. In fact, I think I am gonna use it in my podcast tomorrow.

There is a picture in my mind
of a place I want to be
I want you there too
Will you come with me?

Finally, have you seen the clip where Danny Partridge beats the crap out of that worm Johnny Fairplay? I think Fairplay deserved what he got as he instigated the whole damn thing. Here's the short clip:



Airam said...

You're gonna see Kelly Clarkson? I thought she cancelled that tour because of her less than stellar album sales. I'm actually a fan of hers. She's definitely got a good voice. Let us know how it is!

Chris said...

She cancelled the arena tour due to poor ticket sales (thanks to that corrupt fucker Clive Davis). She's now touring much smaller venues. I think she's a good singer too and will provide a full report.

You know one of the things I adore about you - of all the things in this post, the Kelly Clarkson item is the one you comment are golden!

radioactive girl said...

My daughters and I love Kelly Clarkson.

I saw a clip of that fight thing and just don't even understand what they were thinking. What did Fairplay think he would do? He is known to have a temper!

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - I think Fairplay knew what would happen and prvoked the response intentionally. I'l offer a ful report on Kelly Clarkson.

brookem said...

kelly! where are you seeing her? ugh, i struggle, daily, to keep an organized life.

Chris said...

Brookem - Orpheum Theatre.