Sunday, October 14, 2007

Recycling and Tivo - A Podcast

Time for the "weekly" podcast.

Listen right here:


egan said...

I wouldn't be doing my part for the environment if I didn't hassle you about recycling. Why do you find it so hard? Not enough recepticles?

I think the fines are good. If you don't fine someone, they won't take the time to make recycling work. Banana peels can be recycled right?

You'll have to let me know about the ESPN Yankee mini series. It looks kind of cheesy, even if you're a diehard like yourself. By the way, Torre shouldn't be fired.

Chris said...

Egan - I think subconciously, part of the reason I ranted was because I knew that you would help to put me in my place. It kinda bothers me that I need to dedicate so much space to recycling but on the other hand, most of the space I currently use for it really wouldn't server many other purposes. Mostly, I think I just need to be cranky about it about once or twice a year. My guess is that youo are at a place where you not only don't mind doing it, but are rpoud to be doing so and don't find it a bother - that's the place I need to get to.

I'll let ya know about the mini series, some of the promos did have a cheese factor. I knew you were a rational man and as such, your thoughts on Torre are as I thought. I too don't believe he should be fired but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I didn't think he's lost a step or two and that fresh blood wouldn't be a good thing.

armalicious said...

I'm staying out of the recycling stuff.

But I will say that I have 2 SNL's to watch too. We caught a clip from Saturday's episode, though (with Bon Jovi). It's one where Andy Samberg is going around punching people right before they eat. Holy hell I was laughing so hard (I have a very sophomoric sense of humour, what can I say?).

Chris said...

Armalicious - That Andy Samberg bit was but-gusting funny. Cookie crumbs were actually flying out of my mouth.

egan said...

True, I don't mind doing it. It feels good to me to break down the cereal box and put in the recycling. I have a really tough time throwing a plastic bottle in the trash. It goes against my nature. Sure it's a bit of a struggle to recycle, but preserving what we've got takes work. You'll get there.

Torre got them to the postseason. That's a great skill. At that point it's up to the players. The guy is a genius. He'll get snatched up right away and hopefully by another American League team.