Sunday, October 28, 2007


Class of '82 alumni: Standing l to r: "Big" Joe Palascio, Frank Montalti. Seated l to r: Paul Capezza, "Little" Joe Arancio, and yours truly.

There were classes from '67, '77, '87, and '97 as well as '72, '82, and '92 (maybe 2002 also, not sure). Our class, '82, was the most represented which made my night even more enjoyable. I was disappointed in the very low turnout of females however, I really wanted them all to see what they missed out on.

All kidding aside, it was fun reconnecting and taking a walk around the school and looking back on the years '78 through '82. I had a great time.

My big disappointment was my pal Annmarie not showing up. I had been in touch and her, Frank, and I were golden, or so I thought. I guess there's always the 30th to look ahead to.


Airam said...

Well aren't you just a bunch of hotties!

Chris said...

Airam - you know all the right things to say :).

Anonymous said...


It was great seeing you after all these years!

Somehow it just feels like yesterday riding the B68 bus together.

Remember the past but fulfill the future!


Chris said...

Frank - I feel the same.