Friday, November 02, 2007

The Eyes are the Groin of the Head

I had a chance this evening to watch The Office from this past Thursday and the title of this post was a line that Dwight said that made me laugh so hard that I paused it until I regained my composure, then replayed it, then had to pause again to re-regain my composure before watching the balance of the episode.

Why is it that so many of the contestants on Deal or No Deal are so darn greedy? I mean, it would seem to be logical that the reason you go on a game show is to win something. So why is it that so many of these bone heads get a nice hefty 6 figure cash offer and turn it down? I must say that I absolutely love when they decide to take "just one more case" and the million shows up shattering their dreams of a big payout because of greed. You would think that future contestants would learn a lesson, but no. It does make for good TV though.

Tomorrow we are supposed to get residual effects from a nasty weather system - torrential rains and 50+ mile an hour winds. Yay!


radioactive girl said...

My parents live in New York, and my mom said the storms never arrived/weren't that bad. I hope you survived just fine too!

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - We got quite a good amount of rain and fair winds but nothing nuts. Some of the towns nearer the coast got it pretty rough.