Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Funk in Bloggerville

Perhaps the stormy weather has me in something of a melancholy funk. It seems that something in bloggerville just isn't right of late. I can feel something tugging inside telling me that there are people that I care about not feeling good. I know of some instances where this is true because I have spoken to some of you but in general, the funk is a stewing about.

So, let this be an open letter to all of you who read - if in any way I can be there for you - someone to listen, to scream at, to toss (unheavy and unsharp) things at...I am here. Shoot me an email ( and tell me how, when or where I can help.


Airam said...

Well aren't you sweet?

Chris said...

Airam - I really hate when people I care about are hurting and it makes it difficult sometimes because I have so many friends and family member so spread out. I really am here if you ever need someone.

brookem said...

chris you're a kind, kind guy. and i know that i owe you an email... i plan to get on that soon. im sorry ive been a bit mia from the bloggy world as of late- i hope all is going well with you my friend.