Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Time to Go Back Home

During some short pockets of down time, I began thinking about all that I read about here in bloggerville. Every so often I click on blogroll links then keep doing so until I end up somewhere deep in the sea of bloggers only to discover there are so many common threads among us. Makes sense though since we are all human and have similar human interactions.

Anyway, I found myself doodling, which has nothing to do with drawing for me since I have no talent there. Doodling for me usually is putting words on a page and hopefully assembling them in some way that bears meaning. The net result is a poem called "It's Time to go Back Home".

It's Time to go Back Home

All is not right in my world
and I no longer can pretend
I've been hurting far too long
and I just need this pain to end

While I'm hanging on to hope
there's not enough to go around
I've taken one too many to the heart
and I just need some level ground

So if you ain't here to rescue me
then please just walk away
the years that I have lost
were just too high a price to pay

From here on it's on my own terms
there'll be no compromise
no more feeling sorry
no more battle cries

It's time to go back home
It's time to go back home


Airam said...

Wow. I loved every single word.

Chris said...

Airam - Thank you, that means alot to me.