Thursday, November 15, 2007

Make It Work

Finally, Project Runway has returned to the airwaves with season four. And a new cast of eclectic and eccentric designers, the familiar cast of judges, and my favorite TV personality, Tim Gunn. It may seem strange to some that a reality show where the main characters are clothing designers could be interesting but in my opinion, clothing designers are part artists, part salespeople, part entrepreneur, etc. This unique mix of ego and expression of inner-self is often a fascinating study in a single individual. However, take 15 of them, throw them in close quarters and have them pit them against one another and you have a whole new ballgame. Then throw in the show personalities such as Tim Gunn, hands down the classiest guy to work on television in years. Hedi Klum, the "host" and head judge offers a European flair while Michael Kors and Nina Garcia offer their perspectives as industry insiders. One of the cool things about a cast of designers is that it's rarely formulaic, which is one of the very few criticisms I have with the casts of Survivor fifteen seasons in. What I like most about Project Runway is that the creativity provides the flavor of the show while the personality and the clashes typical of competition based reality television are the filler. Check it out.


egan said...

I've never seen this show, but those who watch it absolutely love it. I guess most people don't watch shows they don't love, but you know what I mean. I have to say this, Tim Gunn's smile bugs me a bit.

Chris said...

I hear ya. Tim Ginn's smile can be disturbing if viewed out of context. I think you would enjoy the show.