Wednesday, November 07, 2007

More Humpday Rumblings

My dear friend Jane has responded to the BrookeMeme via email with a set of her own answers. She doesn't have a blog, though she should because she has a great wit (Jane, you and Johnny should team up on a blog) - anyway, thanks Jane, I enjoyed reading your responses. I'd happily share them here should you wish to make them public record (LOL).

I just finished watching America's Next Top Model. I was sad when Victoria was sent packing but I am a fan of Heather and am glad that she's still fiercing it up.

Has anyone had a chance to hear this yet?

Only 12 more days until Springsteen. I've been following along the tour and the set lists over at his web site and it just keeps getting me more psyched.

While at lunch today, I saw someone that looked alot like someone I knew a long time ago and it inspired me to write a short story. Of course I haven't but would like to. Time will tell.

Enough for now...sleep well my friends.

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