Friday, November 23, 2007


Darkness was followed up with Candy's Room, also from the Darkness on the Edge of Town album and then She's the One from Born to Run. Both of these songs were highlights of the integrity of Springsteen's older works both as works of art and as treasures valued by those who love this artist. Moreover, both were a testament to the quality of musicianship of this seasoned touring band.

Living in the Future, from Magic came complete with brief but poignant political commentary and captured the crowd while setting them up for what was not just a surprise choice in tonight's set list, but the first of two tour premiers with This Hard Land, first presented on the Greatest Hits CD and then on the Tracks box set as an alternate version. Boldly replacing the far more familiar The Promised Land yet with no hesitation nor disappointment, this number really took shape, especially following Living in the Future, in embellishing the political perspective without force feeding yet entertaining brilliantly.

Reflecting on his older material and perhaps in an effort to showcase original E-Streeter Danny Federici, we were treated to two consecutive gems from The Wild, The Innocent, & The E-Street Shuffle. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy) and The E Street Shuffle had the crowd exhilarated and perhaps even grateful in hindsight that we all ended up with tickets for the second night show. By this point in the show, these performances also served as a testament to how good songs stand the test of time and remain relevant regardless of age; not unlike Springsteen himself.

to be continued.

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