Monday, November 19, 2007

Concert Going 102

Well, there's much to be said about the amazing show and I have decided to do that in a separate post because I don't want the negative vibes to cloud the genius of Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band. Therefore, I will vent here in this post and give the greatest Rock and Roll band in history its proper due later in another post.

Before I continue the ranting, I should refer you to a post of several weeks back entitled Concert Going 101 - this shall be a good primer for the rest of this post. Are you back? Okay...

There were 18,000+ in attendance at the show last night and only 5 complete assholes. Unfortunately, all 5 were directly in front of us and I hate each of them fuckers. What the fuck is the point in spending $110 for a concert ticket if you are only there to drink $7 glasses of urine (they serve that godawful Coors there)? I mean, you wanna go out drinking, these are kids who are doing shit I did at that age so I can't be too critical but if your paying primo bucks to see a show, pay attention to the fucking show and don't deter anyone else from doing so.

These little shits were rude, loud, obnoxious, texting, and drunk. By the way, to the pencil-necked dick wad in front of me, YES, I was the one who poured water on your seat and put a gum wrapper in your beer - go fuck yourself for messing with me and my good times. And to your Lance Bass looking buddy, nice fucking hand dance (thanks to Nancy for spotting that). I only hope those two young girls you both coaxed into spending time with you got home safely and realize what pricks you all were. I also hope that you got home safely as well. Even though I hate you, it would only be that much worse if someone other than us had to be annoyed or hurt by your uselessness.

One more gripe related to Concert Going and this is not about the public but whomever is responsible for the show starting time. I paid $110 for a seat to a show that stated a 7:30pm show time. I hauled ass through sucky traffic and paid $25 dollars to park my fucking car so that I could be in my seat ready to enjoy the show that I paid $110 to see start at 7:30. Why the fuck did I have to wait until 8:20? The very least you owe me is an explanation that makes sense.

Okay, I'm done, all the shizz is behind me. See ya later with the good stuff.

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