Thursday, November 29, 2007

White Square's Unfair

In honour of Airam's Nablomopomo success and the fact that I and others can't see the video there, I took the liberty (hopefully with Airam's blessing) of posting it here hoping that between the two blogs, at any time at least one will have it viewable.


Airam said...

Dude! Your movie was a hit!

I took off the screen but kept the link. I figure not a lot of people will follow a link so my "anonymity" still kinda sorta remains.


PS - What's the deal with yours and Brookem's podcast!! I can't wait to hear it!

Chris said...

Airam - It seems that way. Of course I know how to pick an enchanting star :). Would you prefer that I took down the video player as well?

I need to give Brookem a ring and work out the details on timing. The cool thing is she's close enough that we could opt to do it live instead of by phone. I am gonna shoot for it before the end of December but I know that this is a nutty month so we shall see.

brookem said...

ha, the video is a hoot. i cant see it here, but airam showed it to me last week. love it!
let me know about podcasting avec vous.

Chris said...

Brookem - Is Avec Vous a new brand of bottled drinking water? Here's a thought I've been tossing around as a possiblity for the podcast...we record it live and make surprise phone calls - like we each make a call to an unsuspecting shizzle. Of course there's old phone thing, I've got the sound quality thing under control. I am in the very beginning of digging us some material for questions...I shall be in touch.