Friday, December 28, 2007

2007: The Year in Review Part 1-The Blog

  • I actually said this “Hey, you wanna go drink some raw eggs and whistle at ugly chicks?" (I know, classy right? It wasn't nearly as awful within the context of its utterance)
  • It was 72 degrees on January 6th in Brooklyn, New York – During our “Winter” reunion.
  • I got hooked on this toy.
  • Lily Munster” passed away and while googling her, I actually saw a topless picture of her when she was young, and yes…hot!
  • I discovered Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Cheesecake (only to find out later it’s only seasonally available – probably for the best)
  • I professed my crush on Kristen Wiig
  • A baby panda sneezed, and we all laughed
  • I reconnected with my dear friend Annmarie (whom I hope to see the second weekend of this January)
  • I had a brief battle with laryngitis
  • Two and a half years of hard work on the search committee at church came to fruition as we called the Rev. Julie Carson, and she accepted
  • R.I.P. Anna Nicole
  • The Police reunited at the Grammy’s and for me, were a HUGE disappointment
  • I had to say goodbye to two great ladies, Susan and Terry, who kept things together during interim time at St. Andrew’s
  • I took every Friday off this month – NICE
  • Brad Delp, former lead singer of Boston, committed suicide
  • Comedian Richard Jeni also committed suicide
  • I learned that kosher Coca-Cola (commonly sold during Passover) is hugely popular because it’s made with real sugar as opposed to corn syrup.
  • Keith Richard claimed to have “snorted” his father then later retrenched the comment claiming that he was kidding (I think he did it that sick fuck).
  • The USPS issued “The Forever Stamp”
  • I took my first (and I hope to God my last) ambulance ride
  • Will Ferrell made us laugh, yet again, with his now legendary “Landlord” video
  • I learned this troubling fact, "the average mattress will double in weight in 10 years as a result of being filled with dust mites."
  • I began the journey into hell also known as a bathroom remodel
  • I discovered the deliciousness of Papa Gino’s Rustic Pizza
  • I celebrated my 600th post on From a Whisper to a Scream
  • The “U2charist” moved me to no end
  • I got hooked on the violin stylings of Joshua Bell
  • I completed the 20 mile Walk for Hunger, again
  • Jessica’s blog vanished as quickly as it appeared
  • I got turned on to Fountains of Wayne
  • Sdrawkcab tsop eritne na etorw I
  • I bought every Fountains of Wayne CD
  • Demolition on the bathroom closed the month
  • I met Nancy
  • I had a disagreement with the stairs in my garage, they won
  • I learned that 143 isn’t just a random number
  • I had a heart scare
  • I finished reading the Lemony Snicket series
  • Chris Benoit flipped out
  • I cast aside my ridiculous prejudice for White Zin and found a new friend (I just reread this one and it sounds so alcoholic - that's not the case)
  • I acquired an original release of the board game Pay Day (from the mid '70's)
  • I visited Martha’s Vineyard for the first time
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal, who knew
  • I attended an online baby shower
  • I bought a Dutch oven
  • Egan and Brookem completed triathlons
  • I revisited my elementary school graduation autograph book
  • I began podcasting
  • I published my “100 Things…” list
  • My podcast became available on iTunes
  • I got to meet Brookem skrinkering over Thai and discovering the only two people on earth who have no clue how to use a camera
  • Baby Singe was born
  • The summer reunion was a blast from the past as it happened during a block party which also reunited me with some old friends I hadn’t seen in years
  • I officially became part of another blog
  • My dear friend Rebecca was diagnosed with breast cancer
  • “The Scooter”, Phil Rizzutto passed away
  • My pal Jill purchased a home in Portlane, ME
  • I finally tasted the Americone Dream
  • I made a goofy 20 second film that I think stands up
  • A flock of turkeys trotted across my front lawn
  • Miss Teen USA demonstrated the horrible state of the American education system
  • Owen Wilson fortunately failed at his suicide attempt
  • I professed my adoration for Giada de Laurentiis, Andrea Immer, and Sara Underwood
  • “Radio Nowhere” was released, some new Bruce!
  • Jenn and Steve headed to the west coast (I can't wait to go visit them)
  • “Leave Britney Alone” became more than just three words
  • I celebrated my 700th post on From a Whisper to a Scream
  • I made work ID pictures fun
  • China banned “sexual sounds’ from the airwaves
  • Goth Baby got the haircut that Airam was considering
  • I scored me some tix to see The Boss
  • My historic interview with the beautiful Airam was released to the public and broke box-office records
  • Magic was released in all of its brilliance
  • Danny Bonaduce beat the crap out of Johnny Fairplay
  • I made some funny Jib-Jab videos
  • I saw Kelly Clarkson in concert
  • I attended my 25 year high school reunion
  • I made a long overdue return visit to Walden Pond
  • I ate way, way too much Halloween candy
  • “The Eyes are the Groin of The Head” Dwight Schrute
  • I (re)named a meme Brookememe and I enjoyed the comments very much
  • A JC Penney catalog from 1977 resurfaced and brought lots of laughs
  • Project Runway 4 began much to my delight
  • I spent my first Thanksgiving in a long time with actual family
  • Kevin Dubrow, of Quiet Riot died
  • I saw Springsteen, again
  • I finally became a part of the Facebook world
  • Michael Kors uttered this fantastic line which I have listened to thousands of times since, “Forget the jacket, the crotch on the pants is insane!”
  • I wrote “It’s Time to Go Back Home”
  • I saw the play Mamma-Mia
  • I got the hots for Mary Jane Raleigh (she played Donna in Mamma-Mia)
  • I turned 43 (turned? what an odd expression - nonetheless, 'twas my 43rd birthday)
  • “wOOt” was announced as the word of the year
  • My office got TP’d
  • Dan Fogelberg died
  • I got the hots for Kate Beckinsale
That's just a brief peek. One of the best things to happen this year was meeting some new friends here in bloggerville that have touched my life in such wonderful ways. I look forward to sharing 2008 and beyond with all of you.
The year in books and the year in movies are still to come.


Airam said...

How great is this?! This could be a brand spanking new bona fida meme that you've just created here sir.

Chris said...

Airam - I am glad that you like this idea - I've done it before. I like to take a look back though sometimes it means looking back at things better left behind and it also often serves as a reminder of just how quickly time passes by. However, there are good things, wonderful things worth revisiting as often as possible.

radioactive girl said...

I love this recap! It was so great reading things I had forgotten about in your recap.

In another note, I am so happy to have gotten to "meet" you this year. You are such a great guy that I am thankful to know.

Happy New Year!

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - Thank you very much - may 2008 be all you wish for it to be.