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2007: The Year in Review Part 2-The Movies

As of this writing, I saw 28 movies this year. This list covers the movies I saw, not necessarily movies that were released this year. My ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 5 and includes half points. The rating is based on this most recent viewing of the movie. While it doesn't happen often, I will rewatch a movie I had seen some time in the past and there are circumstances where a movie with have a different significance to me and end up with a different rating For some, I may offer remarks and others, just a listing and a rating. Blah, Blah, Blah. And now, the movies...

1. Happy Feet - 4.5
Every now and again I need to see a film that can't possibly have a bad message. This was lots of fun and I always like trying to figure out all of the celebrity voices.

2. Flight Plan - 4.0
I love Jodie Foster, she's smart, beautiful, and a good actor. This movie had a good mix of suspense the story was told well.

3. Beer League - 3.5
This is just one of those goofy, stupid films that come in handy every so often. You can check your brains at the gate, grab a beer, and opt for a laugh or two. I happen to be a fan of Artie Lange so I am on the biased side of generous with my rating but I did genuinely have fun watching this.

4. The Benchwarmers - 2.0
Some, very few, laughs. Overall, very disappointing.

5. The Break Up - 4.0
My beloved Jennifer Anniston. It was a funny movie, Vince Vaughn, while not an actor of great depth, does what he does very well and he does it here.

6. The Celestine Prophecy - 3.5
It was odd, but worth watching. As I recall, the cinematography was quite good but the cast was basically unknowns and not very good actors.

7. Jarhead - 3.0
Very intense. Jake Gylenhall was very good as was Jaimie Foxx (and it gives me no great pleasure to compliment Foxx).

8. Wordplay - 4.0
A documentary about crossword puzzle aficionados and followers of NY Time crossword editor Will Shortz. I know that it doesn't sound like it has a shot at being interesting but the characters were fascinating, especially since they are all real people.

9. Saw II - 3.0
I'm an old school horror film watcher so every now and then I check one out. As I recall, I like this one a bit better than the first of the Saw films as there was a bit of a twist that worked well.

10. Batman Begins - 4.5
I loved this film. I watched it while home sick one day and t really captured my attention. A really good piece of filmaking as the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman is told.

11. Hostel - 1.5
Way overdone.

12. This Thing of Ours - 2.0
My only reason for digging up a copy of this film is that a friend of mine has an original song on the soundtrack and in the film. A stereotypical mob film at best with the same cast of characters that can't get work in films that aren't about mobsters.

13. The Five People You Meet in Heaven 4.5
A great book, a great movie. Mitch Albom - 'Nuff said.

14. Charlotte's Web - 4.0
This 2006 version of the classic story in brilliant color offers another chance to fall in love with this tale. And, another opportunity to pick of celebrity voices.

15. An Unfinished Life - 3.0
I feel compelled for some reason to see J.Lo films. Worth watching if you have low expectations of greatness and it happens to be nearby. Morgan Freeman is brilliant as always.

16. Stranger than Fiction - 5.0
A very unique concept brilliantly executed and a nice change of pace for Will Ferrell.

17. The Lady in the Water - 3.0
Everytime I give an M. Night Shyamalan film a chance I am utterly disappointed. It seems he shot his load in The Sixth Sense. Unbreakable and Signs really sucked, I haven't seen The Village as of yet, at least it was watchable thanks to one of the best actors in the game, Paul Giamatti.

18. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - 3.0
The level of funny you've come to expect from a Will Ferrell comedy is high and as such, this film doesn't quite hit the mark. However, there are ample laughs to make it rainy day rental worthy.

19. Casino Royale (2006) - 4.0
It's been a long time since I even cared about seeing a James Bond film and this one does not disappoint.

20. Music and Lyrics - 4.0
I have always liked Hugh Grant in the romantic comedy genre though his movies are either good or awful, not too many tweeners. I really enjoyed this film alot. I am no fan of Drew Barrymore but she was even good here.

21. For Your Consideration - 1.5
I love Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy but this really sucked big time.

22. Red Eye - 2.5
Rachel McAdams is hot.

23. Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector - 2.0
While there were some laughs, there really wasn't a screenplay other than trying to write a story around some of Larry the Cable Guy's jokes from his stand-up. Don't waste your time.

24. Good Night and Good Luck - 5.0
A brilliant film. David Strathairn as Edward R. Murrow was a good an acting performance as I have ever seen.

25. Little Miss Sunshine - 4.5
Another winner. Lots of great performances and there just something about a 70 year old guy snorting a line of blow that reeks of sick humor.

26. Factotum - 2.5
I am hoping that I was just in some kind of funk when I saw this and it was better than my rating indicates. I am a Charles Bukowski fan, there just wasn't enough acting for me and the storytelling fell short as a result.

27. Click - 4.0
A fun movie. Also, it opened my eyes to the hotness of Kate Beckinsale.

28. Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo - 1.5
Don't bother, a real shit fest.

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