Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm Not Me

Before I even get started, let me just say how friggin' disappointed I was to learn of 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy. Even more odd, the mother Spears is having a book published - know what the subject is? Parenting...ouch!

For the past few days I have been in a super funk. Can't seem to get enough sleep, thoughts are scattered and unfocused...can't seem to get my shit together.

Looking forward to the last day of my current class. I laid the law down - if someones cell phone rings or someone shows up 15 minutes and 1 second late, they can expect a big fat goose egg for the final exam. It's time this group learns about respect. I had to lay the law down when it came time for final exam exemptions - I know far more people felt they deserved one but it isn't something that should go around so lightly. I really put my foot down with the qualifiers: a "B" or better in each of the 6 major units covered, no more than 1 absence, lateness, or leave early, and at least one logon to the class web site on 75 of the 101 days from 9/6 through 12/16. It's about respect and academic achievement, no free rides here.

My friggin' brain really hurts, bad. Later for now. I am however looking forward to the winter edition of our friends reunion featuring karaoke and libations at Chez DeCoursey. Hugs and kisses to the DeCoursey's.


brookem said...

Aw Chris, here's hoping you get out of that funk soon. Sounds like it will be quite a relief to get this class all over with. I agree with your policy about being exempt from the final. It's a privelege to not have to take a final, not something that a student should just think that they deserve, just because.

Hang in there!

Airam said...

Good for you for laying the smack down. Sometimes students can just really fucking grind you the wrong way can't they?

I konw what you mean about being in a shitty mood ... I think I've cried a handful of times in the last few days. 'Tis the season.

We should do a drunken congratulatory-we-made-it-through-to-the-holidays podcast. Now won't that be fun!


Chris said...

Brookem - Thanks for the support. I am feeling better today, the day after the final. Nowq I can focus on our podcast!

Airam - I like your thinking! Thanks for the hugs - right back at ya!

radioactive girl said...

First of all, Happy Holidays!

Second of all, I think sometimes when a teacher is nice and accomodating, students begin to take advantage instead of appreciating how awesome that teacher is. Good for you for laying down the law!

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - Thanks, Happy Holidays to you as well. I've been teaching since 1999 and with each class, I find that I learn something new. I've had a fair share of "mixed" students in a class but I gotta say that this section overall has been the least pleasant. But yay - it's all over...grades have been submitted.