Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eight Hundred

Welcome to the 800th post on From A Whisper To A Scream. It's pretty cool to think about all that I've experienced here in Bloggerville from it's beginning. It started when my friend Jill mentioned that she had started one and began to discuss her blog and her experiences blogging.

I got hooked pretty easily and began to meet new people and read about their lives and their stories. It wasn't long before it started feeling like a real community as people were surprisingly open about their lives.

Bloggers started disappearing and others came on board. Just like in a real community, people move away and all that remains is the memory of their stay....Daisy, I still remember you. Melika, you too. Jessica, How's college..finishing up soon right? Corndoggerel - I hope you're doing well.

Those of you still here, I've come to rely on you. There are things I sometimes need to say and I know that when I say them here, I won't be judged, I can just say it and count on you to be fair, even if it's something you don't like or agree with.

I've learned of those of you stop by without commenting (lurkers as I've recently learned you are referred to). Lurk away my lovelies, this place is for you too.

To those of you I have bonded with in ways I would never have thought possible at the start, I am so grateful to all of you for sharing this community and making it a truly special place. Airam, Brookem, Egan, Radioactive Girl, Armalicious, and Sprizee...wow, what can I say other that just tell you how important to me you all are and how grateful I am to all of you.

To everyone here in bloggerville, keep on being you. I look forward to what's left to learn. I'll leave it at that for now since I'm still barely coherent, it's a kind of funk I am in of late but I'm not gonna drag on about it or let it get to me, there's to much to be grateful for.


More awake than when I first typed this, I feel it necessary to mention a few more folks I've met here in Bloggerville. Mike and Jenn. When I first met them, Mike was living in England, Jenn is California. They got closer, eventually met, fell in love, and now are married and living in California. Their story is quite elaborate and wonderful but also very real. Both had to endure more red tape than one can even begin to imagine and it's a great story of determination and love.

Then there's Jammie...you rock!

Who else...Kate, I wish you would blog more. Melissa, you disappeared a while ago but were fun to read - I still remember you as the Marlboro Girl at Jill's Halloween party. There are others, and all of you have had an impact somehow on me...thank you.


egan said...

Happy Eight Zero Zero! That's a lot of freaking posts man. You're a very fun blogger, which I suspects is the truth about you in real life. Fun in bloggerville, fun in Bean Town. I think it translates well.

Congrats sir!

Chris said...

Egan - Thank you my friend.

Airam said...

800? Wow! Congrats!

Chris said...

Airam- Thanks for the congrats and for being a part of it all.

Joy said...

Congratulations from one of the unnamed "others" who reads your blog and appreciates your reading mine. Keep up the good work! I enjoy visiting here.

Chris said...

Joy - thanks, you are an amazing woman and I have loved reading about your life.