Sunday, January 06, 2008

El Presidente Proximo

I watched the debates last evening and was easily able to draw a very important conclusion. The Republican candidates are all idiots and the Democratic candidates are not (referring only to the four Democrats invited to debate).

The Idiots:

  1. Romney - First he spends 4 years fucking up the state in which I live, now he wants to fuck up the entire country.
  2. McCain - Dude, I get it, I respect your military service and ma sad that you got fucked over as a POW. However, you are three days older than dirt, retire and go away, you do not have what it takes and clearly have no grasp of things like health care or immigration.
  3. Paul - He's a physician, so there must be a brain lodged in that skull somewhere. However, he is a republican from Texas; we know how that worked out last time.
  4. Huckabee - What a total fucknut this moron is. He looks like one of those fat guys who lost alot of weight really fast and now there's something missing - almost like he looks kind of freaky and probably looks better fat. Oh, he is that guy - not that that has anything to do with him being a fucknut.
  5. Thompson - He actually appeared to have some intelligence and responded reasonably well. Of course, he is an actor. Remember that puppet actor who sucked back in the 80's? Go back to TV dude.
  6. Giuliani - A die hard Yankees fan, so not all bad. He was a terrific mayor of New York City, mainly because his Republican fundamentals took a back seat to his leadership skills and business acumen (brilliantly chronicled in his book Leadership). Having seen him in action first hand and having read his book, it's just not going to work on the grand scale of running our country and there's no evidence this guy has any understanding of diplomacy. Besides, he's showing just how republican he is of late and that is not a good thing.
The Non-Idiots:
  1. Clinton - Iowa was both a reality check and a gut check for Hillary. I think she needs to put all of this into perspective and move along. I have been supporting Clinton thus far and I really think the best ticket for our country right now would be Clinton/Obama. can you imagine the first woman and the first African-American in the White House, at the same time? Beyond that, I think their platforms balance each other out really well and serving as veep would be a good stepping stone for the young Obama.
  2. Edwards - I supported him back in 2004. He's smart and passionate and I do admire that he's distanced himself from SIG's. If somehow he pulls off the nomination, I think he'd do a fine job.
  3. Richardson - Not sure about the hair piece but seems to be reasonably intelligent. Not a big fan but will take him in a heart beat over any of "the idiots".
  4. Obama - Bright guy, young, but there is something refreshing about him. I didn't trust him at all early on but have grown to respect him. See Clinton above for more.
Now of course these are my opinions only and if any of them offend you, tough. I know that there are actually Republicans out there and some who even like some of "the idiots", your prerogative and you can even call the democrats idiots if you like. Let's not make this personal though, okay? Have at it...


Airam said...

I hate politics but I liked this post very much.

Chris said...

Airam - I'm not big into politics either, but after 8 years of the bushwacker, I gots to have some relief. I am glad that you enjoyed the post.

egan said...

I like politics, but I hated this post.

Ha, kidding. Well done sir. Who's your favorite at this point? I've got my money on Barack from now on.

Chris said...

Egan - Barack is strong and seems like a good dude. Hillary still has my support...I really would love to see her and Barack team up though.

egan said...

Yeah, I find Hillary a tad bit too conservative for my likes. We'll see what happens. I think Edwards will get the veep nod again.