Sunday, January 27, 2008

Election Demographics

I wrote an entire post that related to the title but deleted it because I wasn't satisfied with my wording and how it can be taken out of context. Suffice it to say that I believe strongly that candidates should be targeting the entire American public and the American public should be voting on the platform, not the gender, race, or other physical characteristic of the candidate.

Hey, did you hear that a satellite is in the process of falling from the sky, can't be controlled, and may strike earth?

I can't for the life of me figure out the allure of the graphic novel. I can't even figure out how to read one (not that I have any desire to do so).

From the "I'm Mortified" files: Today I made a really horrible mistake, it really was a complete accident. I as at the local Shaw's supermarket and after shopping, place my 27 items atop the conveyor awaiting my turn. As the conveyor began to move, I handed my Shaw's card to the cashier so that I can be sure to get my fake discounts and the cashier said the following bone-chilling words to me: "just so you know for next time sir, this is the express line - 10 items or less." I hate when people do that so much, I curse them and wish all sorts of hateful shit on them and here I am, doing it myself. I can honestly say that it was a total accident, I really failed to pay attention and I even offered to move my stuff back into my wagon and switch - it happened, I can't take it back but I did apologize.

Three words: FUZE Banana Colada

Sorry that I couldn't get my shit together for a podcast tonight. Perhaps I'll have something for you tomorrow. Until then, peace.


Michael said...

Totally agree on the demographic thing. Who cares about the policies, it's a black dude or a chick, right? May do some posting on the subject of Obama over at NFADR tonight. We shall see.

Graphic novels. Do me a favor, get a hold of the first book of Preacher. Yeah, it's a graphic novel, and yeah it is basically blasphemous, but I still think you'd 'get' it.

Chris said...

Michael - I look forward to hearing you perspective. I've ordered the book through the library...I'll let you know.

Allison said...

I can't wait to try the Fuze Banana Colada! Good tip! I love their fruit punch, and since I just had a baby, any diet drink with flavor is what I'm talkin' about! Hey-sorry, I hope I didn't embarrass you on Airams thread. She writes so well (even I have a blog crush on her). Hope there are no hard feelings :)

radioactive girl said...

Don't beat yourself up about the over 10 items thing. Yours was an honest mistake...many people do it on purpose and those are the people that make other people mad!

Chris said...

Allison - let me know how you like the FUZE..not embarassed at all, Airam rocks. Nice meeting you.

Radioactive Girl - I am over it. You are right, there are many who do it intentionally.

Joy said...

I agree about demographics - too simplistic. Various demographic groups don't vote monolithically despite what the pollsters try to predict.

Ooooo, Bad Chris! 27 items!! ;-)

Chris said...

Joy - Thanks for the comments but now I need to get my ass to the dictionary (LOL).