Saturday, January 26, 2008

From the Photo Archive

This photo dates back to, I believe, 1989ish. I am the hairy hottie at the far right in case you couldn't figure that out. What makes this picture extra special is the lady on the left. Carol DeCoursey left this earth way too soon but she's never left me; she was such a fun lady with a big heart and a great spirit.

This is my boy Oliver chilling out in his slipper. It once was my slipper but he really wanted it bad, so now it's his.

This is either a real close up of tulip from my front yard last season or a flower in the Halifax Public Gardens - I am really not certain.


egan said...

Holy Weird Al look alikes!

Chris said...

Egan - I was tortured with that comparison by the little brats taht lived on my block at the time.

Joy said...

I recognized you right away! Hairy hottie indeed!

Chris said...

Joy - Thanks (wink-wink)!