Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Sad Parenting and Minutiae

Some (nutcase) named Katie called into the Howard Stern show this morning and spoke of her 15-year-old daughter who is 5'4” and 285lbs. Evidently, child protective services is all over her for encouraging her daughter to “purge” after she goes on food binges.

What? I couldn't believe it and I was listening live - this Katie actually told her daughter that after she stuffs her face, to have a heave. Who the heck is her guru? I hope that child protective services takes her daughter away, perhaps then the poor girl could get the help she needs.

Hey mom, here's a thought or three: A shrink, better grocery shopping habits, "fat camp". How can this woman be so darn clueless? She actually bragged about how her daughter has lost 15lbs. since taking her "advice". I am mortified! I pray that this girl gets the help she needs despite her insane mother.

**DISCLAIMER: I write this not as any kind of expert on parenting and with the understanding that parenting is probably the single hardest responsibility of all. For me, this case is simply one of common sense and/or lack of it.

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  • Woolite, you know, the detergent for "delicate" clothing. They advertise on their website an "He" version for front loading washers but lo and behold, I can't find it anywhere locally.
  • Classless move on the part of The Boston Globe. This past Sunday's "Parade" section featured a cover story/interview on the recently murdered Benazir Bhutto. Here's the classless part, there is no mention of her being dead.
  • That bonehead Dr. Phil needs to crawl back into his pie hole and shut his trap.
  • Congratulations to "Goose" Gossage for his well deserved and long overdue election into the hall of fame.
  • Only 11 more days until our "friends reunion".
  • Have you noticed the neat little "Leave Me a Message" gadget on the right? I would love to hear your voice.


Airam said...

I have a soft spot for overweight kids because their parents are totally to blame for their poor eating habits. Yes I put 100% blame on the parents.

Chris said...

Airam - I've read numerous arguments about this. It makes perfect sense that if early on, the parent introduces good foods to the child, then the child's flavor pallete would remain accustomed to those foods - the same for the toxic stuff. I know that it sounds simple and in theory it is, but I also know that it is harder to make happen especially when there are otheres in the household, unless everybody is eating well (which is a good thing).

In this case, I think there's an additional complexity in that the child is now 15 and does need to start taking some of the responsibility for her actions. I still think she is too young though to sort out what drives her to eat compulsively on her own and the present is the most critical time period in this particular case. If the girl does not get help soon, she is doomed for good.

I must put a shame on the mother though for letting it get this far and also for her poor advice.

egan said...

Hey, I heard about the Parade feature story on Bhutto. They explained their case for keeping the story. It had gone to press already and the article was about celebrating her life. From what I understand, the article did actually mention her death via an Editor's Note, just didn't say anything about it on the cover of Parade.

Here's the scoop sir.

You really do love Howard Stern.

egan said...

Message recorded via my cell phone because I couldn't call from my work phone... no caller ID.

Chris said...

Egan - thanks for that link - I did go through the Sunday's globe twice to see if there was any notation and I couldn't find it. I thought it was a great idea to keep it there just thought it was sad not having acknowledgment.

Thanks for the voice message - yeah, the Goose was cool in San Diego as well.

egan said...

He was better in San Diego. Repeat after me, "The Goose was at his best as a Padre". Go ahead!

egan said...

P.S. without cheating, can you tell me which team did The Goose finish his career with?

Chris said...

Egan - "The Goose was at his best as a Padre." Hey, did you hypnotize me? I said it because you asked, if you asked me to do this, and your trivia question at around 8am, I had his stats in front of me whil yapping with a colleague. However, now I have no clue if the Padre thing is accurate or where he last played. However, given that you are asking, had I only one chance to guess, I would guess Seattle.

Chris said...

Egan - After submited my response, I went to baseball-reference.com, alas, he did play in Seattle - I had no recollection of that.

egan said...

Neither did I Chris. 1994 wasn't a banner year for the Mariners. You are wicked smart.

Chris said...

Egan - You flatter me.

AaroN said...

I believe at 5'4” and 285lbs, there is a LOT of blame to go around. (pun not intended)

Chris said...

Aaron - That's for sure.