Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tanks for the Mitzvah (Dagesh?)

Unless you come from Brooklyn or are very well versed in Hasidic sects of Orthodox Judaism, this picture will not mean anything to you. If you have any interest in what a Mitzvah Tank is, click here.

I got this picture emailed to me by my old pal Rob. Rob and I worked together in the thick of a richly diverse population of Jewish culture and and the very extreme, radical edge of Judaism, lies the lubavitchers and the...unusual (so many other words come to mind, this is the PC one) Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn.

I know that laughter and comedy isn't the PC nor the desired end product (of the faithful lubavitchers), but having grown up where I did and having observed this sect...when I cracked open that email and saw this picture only three things needed to be done:
  1. Laugh my ass off
  2. Email Rob
  3. and Post the picture here
Thanks Rob for the laughs and the memories. And, of course, no disrespect is intended.


Anonymous said...

Lets of course not forget.. "FUSE BOX"

If you need me to jog your memory on that.. I will write you offline :)

Chris said...

Rob - MEAH!!! I remember FUSE BOX - funny stuff. I think I need to reveal the Space Invaders/Moron/More Off story here at some time. Joe Willie still want to catch up with ya on those airplane parts.

Anonymous said...

Yes.. had to be in hiding for many years from Mr. Willie..

"Heyyyyyyy, need a compressor valve for a 747-400" Note that part was shoved in Tower Records bag.. like everything else, including the hot wings.

Oy.. and mind you.. I now have to enter ychxpxtt as my word verfication. I swear that's Russian for "no tax for me" ANNOYING. ARRG.. got it wrong! Now it's zgcze