Sunday, January 20, 2008

Winter Reunion 2008

Last night was the 2008 edition of our Winter Reunion. We started this a number of years ago after life, families, and distance made seeing each other rare. We vowed to get together each year, which at some point became twice a year and now it's something we all look forward to.

The hosts for this installment was John and Jane; great hosts, great people, and better friends you could not ask for.

Wanna see a few pictures? Okay, here are two:

Oh, I almost forgot, I shot a bit of video. This is deep into the night as Karaoke was just getting started...the warmup song:


Airam said...

I love the karaoke video! You all sound great!

Chris said...

Airam - It's always a treat. the Karaoke is always fun because depending on who drank what and how just never know.

radioactive girl said...

You guys actually sound good! I thought karaoke was supposed to sound horrible!

Chris said...

Radioactive Girl - Thanks,luck of the draw I guess cause there were a number of awful ones as well-I'll prove it next time.