Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fantasy Baseball

As spring training is about to begin, I'd like to very briefly share my vision of what Major League Baseball would look like if I had my say.
First, every existing contract would become null an void. Each player would then get a base salary, an equal base salary. Then, there would be a complete series of performance incentives that would determine the earnings of the player.
Performance incentives would require some serious thought in terms of milestones and the sort but ultimately, instead of the current systems that offers randomly insane market based dollar amounts primarily based on past performance, pay would be based on "what can you do for me now" and the reward for a good season,in addition to performance based salary incentives would be contract guarantees for the future . I know it's all loose right now but the basic concept revolves around players not getting insane amounts of money for nothing and rather motivating the player to be there best always.
Just the beginning of a thought that would need serious development. But I think a good one. I know it's but a dream, the almighty dollar has already done far too much damage to the sport and the business end at this point reigns supreme and I suspect always will. I can dream though.
I suspect desipte the lack of literacy used in the writing of this post the idea is reasonably clear. I should resist the urge to express myself in the written word in the state I was in when I wrote this (keep your head out of the sewer).

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