Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy Shit

So it's just about 11pm and I've been watching the Grammy and the show thus far really sucks. First off, that fucking crappy song Umbrella...that's not a song, it's annoying. Kanye West annoys me so much I actually thought about throwing a heavy object through my TV, then I realized that I paid a shitload of miney for that TV and he wasn't worth it. In fact, I know of only 3 moments thus far even worth mentioning:
1. The Foo Fighters performans with the orchestra - this was at least interesting but I prefer them all by themselves please.
2. Vince Gill's acceptance speech after receiving his award by Ringo Starr, "I just got an award handed to me by a Beatle, that happen to you yet Kanye?"
3. Amy Winehouse's performance - enchanting!
Everything else either sucked, was totally unoriginal and/or uninspired, and not worth the TV time.

Sorry I couldn't get to the podcast. Later.


Joy said...

I watched BAFTA and after reading your critique am glad I didn't watch the Grammy Awards but sorry I missed those parts you mentioned. I have Amy Winehouse's CD and really like it. I also like Vince Gill and can do without watching Kanye. Your post makes me feel better that I didn't see the show.

Chris said...

Joy - :) Was BAFTA all you hoed for?