Saturday, February 16, 2008

Movie Saturday

I actually watched two movies today while trying to catch up on my relaxation and doing a poor job.

While a trusted friend offered a god review of Rocky Balboa, I didn't have high hopes at the thought of a Rocky Movie made by a 60-ish Stallone. I must confess however that the script was fairly well crafted and very well executed. The advantage of seeing the DVD edition is the insights that can be gained from the special features. In this package, there was a alternate ending where Rocky won the fight and while it was well written, it clearly lacked the impact of the final print where the fight went to the current champ "Mason 'The Line' Dixon".

I though there was some really neat camera work, the storytelling was not limited to the actors but the scenery, lighting, and locations all rounded out the story that began with the first Rocky film 30 years prior. What made this film special was the underlying message; it was moving without being cheesy and moral without being conservative.
Yet another sequel in a long chain of sequels, Bruce Willis reprises his role as Detective John McClain as the Die Hard franchise tackles the topic of cyber terrorism at the hands of a dsgruntled federal employee (not a postal worker in this particular case). The action was inense and again, despite his age, Bruce Willis pulled it off pretty well. I would have liked the movie better if the editing team could have trimmed it down as it clocks in at just a smidgen over the two hour mark and those who know me, know that I automatically mark nerly all movies that go over the 100 minute mark with a big strike. While the action remained strong for the duration, the story didn't warrant the ned for the extra time in this case.

Overall, I say it's worth the rental fee, which for me was zero since I got it from the library. It's a pretty good mindless shoot 'em up with some pretty intense action - I'll let the story take a back seat in this case.


Essentially Me said...

I watched 300. So good.

Joy said...

I saw Live Free or Die Hard and got a kick out of the over-the-top special effects.

Chris said...

Essentially Me - Really? For some reason I allowed myself to get a bad vibe from that film - it seemes kind of creepy, is it worth a viewing?

Joy - Yeah, it's one of those you don't mind watching and going "Ow, that's gonna leave a mark" every so often.

essentially me said...

It is creepy and weird but I loved it. Strength in wit and smarts, not numbers!

Chris said...

Essentially Me - Perhaps I'll give it a go one of these days.